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My Name is Dina Parmar. I love what I do. I have been a Photographer for 16 years, My passion for photography has taught me a lot, in addition to meeting so many wonderful people, who I actually have a great relationship with, My clients are like Family & friends. I think, to have a good relationship is being respectful too! It is important to me to get to know my clients,

I feel it is important that I get to know a little about the family. In that way, when they come to my studio or I'm meeting up with them at a Location, home, I want them to feel comfortable with me & have

also a special bond with their children and babies. I find my sessions go well when they get to know me, I want them to have a fun experience, it really brings out their real smiles and characters, which is very important to me. Parents & Children are happy when leaving Studio or my outdoor Session. Catching that expression is the key to me, it takes time and Patience too! I also love to work with NewBorns, Children, New Mommies. Also not forgetting those teens, they are shy too. meeting them a few times, makes their session go well too! My sessions should be stress free, leaving with a smile. I work with a lots of Pets too. Families, Groups. I love what I do! Please check out my site.  I Look forward to meeting you all!

About Me

Dina Parmar

Dina Parmar. Owner.

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